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2.5L V6 (KL-ZE)

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I was intrested in installing the mazda 2.5L V6
>(KL-ZE)engine in my 1993 ford escort gt. I´ve heard that it was possible but im not sure.I know if i do this i would have to change everything under the hood for the most part- tranny, axles, wiring, computer....etc
can any one help me
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buy a wrecked vehicle for cheep, that the 2.5 came in and transplant every thing. like wiring harness, computer, trans, etc. thats the cheepist and easyst way.
it would be a good idea to shell out the extra 300$ and have the computer reprogramed to ze specs..corksport will do it.
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these pictures might help, you need to replace the tranny, radiator, relocate the master cyl resevoir

in what car can i find the kl-ze engine in?
its the jap. spec version of the 2.5 v6 found in probe gts and mx6 ls´s...200 hp stock over the 170 stock in the american version
does anyone know where i could contact the guy that owns the tracer on
this website http://www.escortracing.com/2nd/darren/darren.html he did the engine swap and i want to get some help from him
The best person who could get you in contact with him, would be Dave the webmaster from escortracing.com here is his email

[email protected]
ok thanks ill get in contact with him a.s.a.p so i could get a V-6 in my car soon
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its the jap. spec version of the 2.5 v6 found in probe gts and mx6 ls´s...200 hp stock over the 170 stock in the american version

Well, it is the J spec version of the KL series V6. However, the KLZE did not make it over here in the US, and no Ford Probe or Mazda MX6 in the US has a KLZE unless it was installed in the US,and the motor came directly from Japan. If you really want to pick up a KLZE, go to
And look there, one pops up every week, usually cheaper than Corksport or Streetimports will sell it for.
On another note, if anyone has an email addy for someone who has installed a KL series V6 into a 91-96 Escort or Tracer, please email me. I just picked up a 93 Escort GT for free with a blown tranny, and I have all the parts from a 93 Probe GT to install into the car, but I know there is more to the swap than just installing a few parts. Any help would be grateful.
Thank you
[email protected]
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Cool cool, 93+ Probe GT has the 2.5L V6. Fun cars.
Not sure on the years but the MX6 has them too.

<img src=http://mercury.pr.erau.edu/~bladej/escortweb.jpg>

Jason Blade, 93 EGT Turbo

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Yeah....that´s the KLO3 on the US Probes, etc...

The stuff you need for the KLZE swap actually comes out of a V6 MX-3 oddly enough.

and BTW...Darren that did the swap in his tracer has now moved on and doesn´t have the tracer anymore...he is putting J-Spec engines in CRX´s now I believe.

But there is one guy who has put a KLZE into an Escort up here in Ontario.
He is on the ERDT board a lot and goes by the name "KLZEscort" ....look him up under the members list and give him a PM

´91 ELX H/B
´93 ELX Sedan

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To get that engine to fit you need the mx3 lower crossmember and axles. Also I think you´ll need custom engine mounts. Depending on which intake manifold you use, you may also need a probe brake master cylinder so it won´t get in the way. All the wiring and stuff too of course. That´s the most major parts I can think of, but it´s much more complicated than that. Darren (w/ the tracer) owns www.redpepperracing.com, so maybe you can find his email on there and contact him. I used to talk to him right here in the feoa chats back when he had the tracer.
The V6 in the MX3 is a 1.8L V6. It SUCKS! Kick my friend Roberts V6 MX3 left and right (love making him look bad with his girl in the car)

But yeah...its a 1.8L. Same motor Dave Lazier´s MX came with before he swapped to the Escort´s BPD to produce over 450hp on 30psi.
The KL is a popular swap for mx 3 guys, since it fits rather easily. A lot of mx3 parts can be used on scorts since they have the same chassis.
Does anyone have a website that talks about how the KLZE swap is done?
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