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2.0 swap,turbo

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i have a 95 lx , auto. heres what i want to do this summer.im gonna go with the 2.0 engine ,i pretty much have all the info on that.i also want to switch to a 5 speed,i dont know whats involved in this so any help would be great,and finally i would like to turbo it but i dont know jack about it,like what manifold will fit ,what electronics,etc.what kinda turbo can i use ,for an example i know where a volvo 7sumthin turbo is ,and a older grand am all parts in tact.can i use those or what should i be looking for.
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2.0 ltr. from what?
is this a conversion or custom?
it may be easier to go with a 1.8 and turbo, all the parts are easy enough to find and probably cheaper. :)

if love is lost, dude wheres my car

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His guess was right a 2.0L out of a ZX2 or ZX3 will fit better then the 1.8L. The 1.8L would require a different trans, drive shafts,...etc. EVerything basically. The 2.0L I think will sit on the same mounts and everything.
i think he means the 2.0L form the #rd gen escort, aka, the 97 scort
ah ok the zx2 or 3 ya that makes sense i´m not familiar with that set up. ;-)
i guess i should have been more specific.yeah i was talkin about the 97 escort 2.0 cuz its a quik and easy swap.bade i know your preety good with the whole turbo thing so maybe u can tell me what i would need to start looking for.
Well the easiest way I know of to turbo the 2.0 scort motor is to buy a turbo kit :-] . www.gude.com Gude racing already has a bolt-on kit that is supposed to install in between 8-14 hours depending on your knowlege of mechanics. Its just over 2G´s and is supposed to put it at around 200 hp @ 6psi. They also say boost can be upped to 14 psi using their liquid-to-air intercooler kit but I´m not sure about the power output of that. This info is complements of Turbo Magazine October 2002. In that issue they also have other kits for the Focus/Escort 2.0L. Hope it helps. :-D
well a tubro kit would be cool, if he was using the zx2 engine, but he is using the 2.0l SPI out of the 97 escort se, so he would hvae to get the RS many, or the EXP many
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