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Hey fellow 1st genners, check this guy out http://www.adam.patzer.com/ If you haven´t already heard about him. I just bought some white guages from him. I never thought I´d find white guages for a 1st gen. He also has some awsome looking grills, and even cross drilled rotors. The sit isn´t 100%, but I´m sure if people start showing interest, he might be able to get it going. If anyone has any questions, I have his e-mail adress and would be happy to pass along any info. There is also an awsome mod in the new how to section on modifying your tail lights. I might just giv it a try. It looks pretty sweet.

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This is great that I can get some aftermarket parts for my 1st Gen LX. Thanks Pimp for the information. I´m going to study their site like student of finals exam. LOL See what cool shit I can get!!

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