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1st Gen Questions about Mods

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I recentley recieved a handsome sum of money and instead of buying a new car i decided to invest it in my 1990 escort GT.

Right now i´m not concerned about performance, i usually beat people with its stock set up(i dont race alot mind you, but when i do its just those stupid little high school parking lot races) I wanna improve its look bigtime, every thing is decent there are a few rust spots and some paint discoloration but i plan to get the car´s body redone and repainted. Here is what i will do to the car :

Tinted Windows,
Merkur Double Wing Spoiler,
A very boomin sound system,
Some mustang type rims,
Black paint job with white racing stripe down left side,
Custom painting inside going for a Black and White theme,
New Stick Shift (8-Ball prob)
New Racing Seats (even though i dont race)

Those are the mods i will get done but here some mods i want done but not sure if i can get done(if you get what i´m saying)

Halogen Lights (i think those are the real bright ones not sure though)

Clear Tail and Corner lights

Lowering Springs ( dunno if my car will support them, if my car can what is a good height)

Better Gril (the one that says Escort GT)

Neons underneath

Thats all i can think of, if any of you know any other mods please post, like i said before i am going for looks with this and will worry about performance down the line. I wanna show up some of them Gay hondas i see everywhere, i can already beat them might as well look better than them.

ALl comments are welcome, thank you.
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"Lowering Springs ( dunno if my car will support them, if my car can what is a good height)"

Cy: Suspension Technique Lowering Springs. It dropped my 88.5 LX 1.5" all around with no problem. I even have a big sound system in the back and she holds very well, the springs that is. I use regular Gab struts too. I payed under 200.00 for the complete spring setup, all four springs.
So your car can handle the drop. The place I got them from is www.cyberauto.com. Hope this helps you some. Let me know if you need anymore information.
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