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1997 Ford Escort Manual.

My ford escort just started doing this:
While continiously driving 1-3 hours, the engine somehow stops. All the lights are working, no smoke, no weird sounds. When I try to start the car again, it runs but it immediately stops. What I do is that I just let the car rest for 20-30 minutes and it works fine for another 1-3 hours. If I use the AC, the car stops more quickly.

The temperature of the car looks ok, it never reaches more than 30%. There is enough coolant, no leaks. When it does that, there is fuel because I poke the little metal thing that has a bycicle cap (near the fuel regulator) and plenty of fuel comes out.

I replaced the fuel regulator but no luck.

I had been told that I have to replace the crank positioning sensor but I don't want to waste more money if i don't need the part. Anyone ever had this problem before?

There is also no codes with obdII tool and no check engine light.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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