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1997 crazy sound

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bob Dobbs, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Bob Dobbs

    Bob Dobbs New Member

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    Anyone help me out with figuring this sound out? Car made a pop sound then this sound and died while driving. I can start it up but it doesnt drive and dies.

  2. FordMan59

    FordMan59 FEOA Member

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    Russellville, Kentucky
    Pretty rough sound. These engines have a track record of dropping valve seats and I've never heard one run when it actually dropped a valve seat but with the noise in that video I think I'd be checking the compression. Cylinder #4 I think is the most likely cylinder to drop a valve seat. If you come up with low compression on a cylinder I'd suggest not running it anymore until the problem is repaired. If it is a dropped valve seat you're just increasing the chances of more damage to the cylinder walls, pistons, etc. the more you run it.
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  3. pextor

    pextor Moderator Staff Member

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    Lancaster, pa
    What he said. Doesn't sound promising at all.
  4. denisond3

    denisond3 Moderator Staff Member

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    south TX or northern VA
    I bought two that had dropped an inlet valve seat - and that is pretty much what it sounded like. Doing a compression test would show a zero in at least one cylinder.
    After fixing up the first one I bought, I liked it well enough that I bought a second one and did the same fix. I not only replaced the head with a rebuilt (having new valve seats instaled), but after seeing tiny pockmarks in the top of #4 piston, I also took the blocks out, to get them honed (for new piston rings), two used pistons (that werent damaged like the ones in the car were), and thoroughly cleaned out the intake manifold (to get the fractured bits on the inlet valve seats out). Both have been reliable daily drivers for the last several years.
    If you only replace the head, and not the damaged piston, the piston will fracture before long. That has caused a hole in the side of the block for one or two members.
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