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1996 1.9/5MT clutch master cylinder...

Discussion in '2nd Gen 1991-1996 1.9L SOHC' started by Shotgun Chuck, Nov 20, 2019.

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    Yeah, it was broken. It was broken all along. Probably more broken than the slave cylinder. I've been putting up with that broken for far too long and recently bought a new one. Product reviews on parts-store websites seemed to indicate that people were doing the replacement at home in 1-2 hours, however, I cannot for the life of me figure out how. Looking at the part, replacement will obviously involve working from the engine side of the firewall, but even with a flashlight I cannot even see the part from the engine side of the firewall. Is there any way to replace this part without either A. tearing the whole engine bay apart or B. putting the car on a lift (that I don't have)?
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    there should be one stud in the master, the other is a bolt that goes in through the interior firewall side. the stud is to hold the master in place while performing the replacment. both fasteners should be accessed from the inside of the vehicle. the fluid will drain from the brake reservoir, and there only one hard line to the slave.
    typically it is recommended to replace them as a pair, since contamination from the faulty master will flow to the slave.
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    Hey Shotgun: You don't need a full-blown lift. If you have even just a small place to work, then get yourself over to Amazon, and get these ramps:

    https://www.amazon.com/Nicky-Nice-S...s&qid=1574301387&sprefix=car r,aps,220&sr=8-5

    I got a pair of the ramps decades ago, and it's one of the best investments in car tools I've ever made. The Escort is way too low to get under there-- but these ramps give you lots of room.
  4. denisond3

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    I also use my ramps a good bit.
    I replaced the clutch master cylinder at the same time I replaced the leaking/sticky clutch slave cylinder; for each of my two 5-speed Escorts. I did it with the front wheels sitting on a pair of the ramps, but didnt have to get under the car. (I just didnt want to have to bend over the extra bit if I didnt use the ramps.) I took out the battery and battery tray - then could reach the one nut for the clutch master cylinder that is on the engine side of the firewall. I need a long extension on the socket. And getting the flare nut loose from the bottom of the clutch slave cylinder took patience. I may have unbolted the bracket where the line connects to the hose in order to get the flare nut off. I also had the large rubber inlet air duct, and the air filter housing removed; just to have better access to the bolts holding the slave cylinder to the transmission.
    It took me more than 2 hours though, since bleeding the clutch hydraulics isnt something I have been able to do quickly. I dont mind waiting, to give the brake fluid time to flow.

    To be able to reach the other nut for the clutch master cylinder, the one that is inside and -above- the rod going into the clutch master cylinder, I took out the driver's seat. I was not at all interested in twisting my septugenarian back to be able to reach (or even see) that nut. One the driver's seat was upended on the back seat, I could put down a wide plank, and lie flat on my back, with tools handy. I had to unbolt the electrical switch at the inner side of the firewall, to be able to get my socket wrench onto that innerside nut.
    The last and vital part of the job, is to adjust the rod going into the clutch master cylinder, so the pedal has only about 1/4"-or 3/16" before it begins to push the piston.
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