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Expired 1995 wagon parts

Discussion in 'US Classifieds' started by SJ, Sep 29, 2014.

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    Please see partial list below:
    All for sale for next to nothing.

    both rear speakers with trim


    headlights, taillights, side marker lights, brake lights (with bulbs)

    rotors with a lot of life left in them

    used alternator

    front grille (forest green)

    gas door (forest green)

    front door interior trim with window handles (both sides)

    rear wiper motor

    side view mirrors

    rear view mirror

    seat belts

    tire iron

    all relays, switches from under hood

    used but good spark plug wires

    exhaust system supports

    rear lateral link (used, but good shape - this is a common item to fail)

    I am not a car parts dealer, just a guy with some parts. I am in Frenchtown, NJ. Email [email protected] or call 717 576 2227
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