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1995 Ford Escort LX Sedan mechanical issue

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I have a 1995 Ford Escort LX Sedan that is having mechanical issues, but not sure where to start with diagnosing the problem. When driving the car, it bucks driving down the road, doesn't downshift going up a hill, and when in overdrive it still bucks when not in gear. I replaced the Throttle Positioning Sensor, and the bucking still continues. What could be causing the issue and how could I go about fixing it?
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I'm lucky. Mine started wobbling a little after I tried to reattach the cable without removing the gauge panel, thus presumably kinking it a little, but over a couple weeks smoothed right out again.
About 7 mph difference. I'm done putting up with it. If I can replace the dumb speedo cable to make it accurate so be it. Otherwise im selling it and buying the 4th Gen zx2.
Ok after putting a throttle position sensor, ignition coil pack, new spark plug and plug wires, new fuel filter, testing the fuel pressure which turned out good and all i run in this car is 87 octane NO ETHANOL gas the stupid car is still missing every so often going down the road. Any last ideas. Im tired of throwing money into the car and not figuring out the issue. May sell it and someone else figures it out and be happy with this stupid car.
did you expect a 28 year old car to be perfectly flawless? of course there will be issues with any vehicle that old. there are a dozen other possibilities ranging from broken head bolts to work valve guides. you need to perform the required testing for mechanical issues
21 - 24 of 24 Posts