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SOLD 1995 Escort LX, 73k miles, Orlando

Discussion in 'US Classifieds' started by FurryWrecker911, Jan 6, 2020.

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    Orlando, FL
    Orlando Florida, asking 600 usd or best offer. 73k miles and still runs.

    Pros: Well maintained, runs fine, no leaks, interior relatively clean, no cracks in the dash, has window vents, minimal body rust, restored headlights, clean-ish engine bay, heat and AC work, aftermarket stereo with working AM/FM radio and remote, all gauges and dials still work, auto seatbelts work, handbrake works, tires in ok condition. Ready to be driven home.

    Cons: Climate control arm for vents broken, but can be adjusted by grabbing the wheel on the side of the center console. A/C stuck on when air is on, bypass by pulling A/C fuse when it's cold. Dashboard lights sometimes slow coming on when blow 60 outside, back rear turn signal sometimes doesn't work due to loose wire which can be re-aligned every few months when it re-loosens.

    I rattle-caned the body years ago due to my grandmother running alongside a hedge when she owned it which scratched the factory paint all up, but that aside the worst of the damage is a chewed out section by the back left wheel. It's been sound enough that I've road trip it between Florida and Pennsylvania a few times over the last 7 years. Good project/new driver car.

    Comes with extra accessories and parts I've accumulated during ownership.

    001_Escort-Front.jpg 005_Escort-PerspF.jpg 006_Escort-PerspB.jpg 007_Escort-Wheels.jpg 016_Escort-IntFrontMain.jpg 027_Escort-Engine2.jpg 032_Escort-FreeStuff.jpg

    Ask away if you have any questions.
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