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I would be looking for a pick-n-pull salvage yard in your area. They might have names like 'u-pull-it', or pick n pull, or pick ur own. There are a couple of them on the south side of San Antonio, but thats quite a drive from Ft Worth.

I won a rear bumper on ebay years ago, and the seller found they couldnt get anyone to ship it; so I drove 100 miles to get it from them.

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yo neeltjohns
i have a 1993 escort wagon with a good engine/5 spd.
It has a hole in the floorboard under the pass. feet and bad rear brake lines.
The wife says "DON'T DRIVE IT!".
So i have to either: get a new 2nd gen body or sell the engine/transaxle.

What have you got for me?
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