Selling my 1994 Tracer LTS 5-speed. 262,000miles Trying to be pretty open about the condition, there's some real good, and some less good.
The good:
-1.8L Mazda BP engine still pulls strong, doesn’t leak or burn oil, doesn’t overheat even in 105 degree heat with the AC on. No drips while parked. Passes smog no problem.
-AC blows nice and cold, recently re-sealed every o-ring in the system, replaced the drier and recharged it. Works great even when it’s hot out.
-5-speed shifts smoothly, clutch still engages well too. I replaced the shifter bushings recently.
-Seats and interior are in extremely good condition for the age, and extremely clean. No cracks in the dash. The LTS came with unique seats and a leather steering wheel, and both are surprisingly good. The previous owner steam cleaned most of it which really helped.
-Has a modern Bluetooth Kenwood stereo with mic.
-Body is very straight, no major dings, only a few rock chips in the front.
-Tires are at 75% tread or higher using original LTS wheels, includes a full-size spare on an aftermarket wheel too.

The less good:
-Front rotors feel a bit warped. Plenty of pad life, but the rotors should probably be replaced soon
-Strut tops are starting to crack, suspension otherwise feels pretty good, shocks/struts rebound well.
-Paint. A previous owner repainted the back ¼” of the car with a color matching spray, but it obviously stands out from the faded original paint. The sides still are decent, but the original graphics are showing their age. The hood was repainting similarly, but not sanded or primed enough first, so you can see the old cracks through the new paint. The roof needs paint the most, but there’s no rust.
-Cruise control doesn’t work. I replaced the computer, checked all the vacuum lines and switches, but it’s beyond me to fix.
-Headliner is sagging, but the moonroof keeps it off the driver's head so it's pretty easy to ignore.

I'd like to sell this to someone who's pretty excited about it, as it's a bit of a rare car these days. I was tempted to try and paint more of it myself, as the color is just so unique, but I've got too many projects right now.