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1993 Ford Escort Wagon LX

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Hey, y´all. I am kinda new to this site, but is there anything that can be done with a ´93 Wagon LX like adding turbo and such? I also have had transmission problems (it´s an automatic) in the past, and I was thinking about putting in a standard. (Is this possible?) If anybody can give me a few pointers here to get me on the right path, that would be great. Thanx
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I know the conversion is possible from auto to standard. I´m not sure how much work it really is, but some LX´s had a manual so it can be done.

You can turbo anything...the question is what can the motor handle, and how much custom fabrication has to be done to make it work.

I know D16 Honda´s turbo and push like 7lbs safely and that´s a 1.6 SOHC, so I´m guessing your 1.9 SOHC would be simular.
put in an egt manual tranny and motor and turbo that instead!
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