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Hey everyone am selling my escort , im goin down a different route and want too buy something else

Anyhow here is the good and bad


Good Stuff , Car Runs , Starts Up right away no leaks drips or anything ... Engine is good , tranny is good ,, runs and drives excellent !!!

its got 399 000 KM ON it but you wouldnt even know !

Now for the bad

Needs Bodywork ...
Need Front Brakes
Need Windshield
Need battery
Driver side power mirror
Sun visors , Left and Right
Rear Brake Lines

Now for 150 you got a good car , just put about 500 into it and your good to go

As for E Test youd pass for sure

Underneath exhaust and all is Awesome !

I will go out and take som pics of the car !

I cleaned the whole inside all up , and started the body work myself

I just need $150 , also comes with 2 extra rims and tires (BOTH Factory)

I am located in hamilton, on ... youd need a tow truck to drive it ,, unless u wanna use the e brake or so i dunno haha

anyhow its a 5 speed , clutch is good everything is fine still !!!

Ok get at me if anyone is interested

Black 2 Door !!! Sunroof also ! BRAND NEW RAD ( would make good parts car , or someone too fix it up )



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looking forward to pics.........
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