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1993 Escort Wagon LX 1.9 SEFI

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Hey, y´all. I am kinda new to this site, but is there anything that can be done with a ´93 Wagon LX like adding turbo and such? I also have had transmission problems (it´s an automatic) in the past, and I was thinking about putting in a standard. (Is this possible?) If anybody can give me a few pointers here to get me on the right path, that would be great. Thanx
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hey cool! I´ve got a 95 Scort LX wagon, but it´s a 5sp and it too has a 1.9L SEFI in it. It´s really a nice ride. Suspension is really stiff so it handles suprisingly well for a wagon, with just enough body roll to keep the corners smooth.

Anyway, what is turbo? I´m a newb to car mods, but I know the basics, and I´m just a cheap 18 year old college student who can barely afford clothing, so I´m not big into performance modding for HPs, but I enjoy tuning for efficiency and the like.

I hear that there´s an intake mod you can do to the Scorts, but I don´t know any specifics. Take care.
I´ve got a ´95 wagon as well. It has the prototype intake from CTA motorsports (you can buy an intake for our engine there. www.ctamotorsports.com).

A turbo is something that makes your car faster.
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Also, my car´s pics are on that site under the intake section:

Escort and GT Aluminum Intake Kit (91 to 96, 1.8l DOHC and 1.9l SPI)

Mine is the red car (2nd set of pics under the above header, not the blue ´scort.) They listed my car as a ´96 by accident.
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