Hey everybody...it is with a heavy heart that I'm having to sell possibly my favorite car that I've ever owned. I've got a 1992 Escort GT with just a hair under 67,000 miles. I got it back in 2019, right around this time of year, and at the time it had 57,000 miles on it. It's been a daily driver, and back in August of 2021, the ol' hooker started getting a LOT of money (for me anyway) spent on her. The following things have been replaced (nothing from the salvage yard. At all.)

Timing belt (and accompanying parts-pulleys, seals, etc.)
Clutch (along with master and slave cylinders, and rear main seal)
Valve cover gasket
Spark plugs/wires
Distributor (NEW, not remanufactured. Very expensive)
Front wheel bearings
Rear hubs (genuine Ford parts, tried from parts stores twice and they did not fit. These cost 3 times as much as the auto parts stores' versions)
Cooling fan switch
Windshield wiper blades
Brake pads/rotors (all corners)
Rear brake calipers (fronts are still good)
Front ball joints
AWR engine/Trans mounts (70 durometer I believe)
New air filter
New fuel pump/hanger assembly
New fuel filter
New tires

Also have (uninstalled) Techna-Fit stainless steel brake lines, Raybestos parking brake cables (all 3), and a signal/headlight switch assembly. The only one of those things that needs to be installed are the parking brake cables, if you live somewhere cold. The parking brake still works fine and doesn't stick, so long as it's above around 40-45 degrees. The car is currently in the shop, waiting for a new pigtail harness for the distributor. Could also use some new struts (still rides/handles okay, but it's starting to get noisy over speed bumps/rough patches of road) and tie rods (again, not really affecting drivability, just something to keep in mind). Cosmetically, the front and rear bumpers/fog lights need to be replaced (I do know where to get replacement bumpers), the headliner is, well nonexistent, and it's missing one center cap (all the original wheels though). Also, the hatch struts have been replaced, and one of the reverse lights is out. It's not perfect, and I only have the one picture in reserve just this moment, but I will definitely get some more pics posted as soon as she is back from the shop! Thanks for looking, and have a great day!