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[EDIT- I just realised that I totally posted this in the wrong thing; I meant to go for the 1.9L engine. SORRY GUYS!!!!!!!]

So my sweet baby Escort just completely died on me about 3 days ago.
I put the key in the ignition and, while in the ON position, all lights and such turned on inside the vehicle like it always does.
But when I went to start it up it died.
No clicking or any other noise whatsoever.
Thinking that the battery finally went out on me, I went to Auto Zone and bought myself a new battery!!
The boyfriend and I hooked it all up and triple-checked ALL connections.
Went in to start it up; absolutely nothing.
Nothing turned on in the ON position, vehicle didn't even try to start up.
We checked everywhere in that engine.
We even checked the fuse box under the dashboard to the left of the pedals.
Now we didn't find anything that should stop it from running our first couple times through.
But this afternoon we looked in the fuse box located in the actual engine itself and found that the 100amp (blue in colour) appeared to possibly be broken.
(the metal band thing inside the fuse had a gap between two pieces if that makes any sense)
It's the fuse in the center that is bolted down?
I checked the manual and it seems to power the alternator.

Unfortunately I am not at all savvy with cars and engines so I have no idea; could that maybe be the problem?
Any ideas or help would be wonderful before I throw the money around for a tow truck to get me to a shop.
(being broke makes this terrible timing on my cars part)
Thanks in advance for anything!!!

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Does the engine crank? If it doesn't, I wouldn't suspect fuel pump right away. I don't know the 1.9Ls, but it sounds like it blew a maxi fuse, which is an electrical issue obviously. Get a few replacements and see how long it takes to blow again and try to find out what circuit is causing the overload. Remember, you need three things for engine to run: fuel, compression, and ignition. Concentrate on getting engine cranking and go from there.
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