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Hey guys what's going on? Well the time has come when it's time for me to sell my car. As most of you know and have probably seen my car it's a
1991 Escort GT
1.8l DOHC 16v Engine
Mazda valve cover painted white
CTA motorsports custom intake
'88 RX7 VEIN airflow meter
Taurus 3.8l throttle body
Pacesetter Headers
DTM Arospeed exhaust system with no cat
C-4 Dual plated 4speed automatic 9
mm wires & Platinum plugs
RS-1 tuning battery cover
Custom Paint job (Money Green with light flakes)
Complete red & white engine dress up kit
Custom painted interior white with black trim
custom GTO headlight covers

I'm not selling the car with the rims but I am including the original Stock 15" GT rims with brand new tires. I'm also taking out the TV, playstation and subs, speakers and CD player. You have to do that yourself.

Now comes the interesting part....the price. I quess I can't include setimental value but with everything i have stated there....
$3,500 or best offer, and considering that it's you guys I might work something out. Well please let me know what u guys think or whoever is interested. You can reply here or email me at [email protected]

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