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Having just been thorugh this, when I was looking for parts, I noticed that there was more than one choices for both of these. There are two transmission filters, a regular one and a deep pan one. I really don't think the deep pan ones would fit any Escort, but I did see them listed.

The bottom of the filter should look like this:

NOT this:

I doubt that the pan would fit one if you used the deep one, unless maybe you removed the cross member.

Now for the transmission pan gasket, I also see two from Fel-Pro:
TOS18695, which is listed at $10, along with the disclaimer Available until stock is depleted.
TOS18747, which Autozone sells for $4

I had to special order the TOS18747, and it is a regular synthetic rubber gasket. Made in USA, and the fit is perfectly fine.
I have no idea what the TOS18695 is made of if what differences it might have with the TOS18747, and Fel-Pro's catalong doesn't say, and neither can any parts counter person.
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