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1990 gt part help

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Thats_cpt_bunny, Jun 23, 2020.

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    Picked up a 90 gt last year and have been searching around for parts but I'm not that knowledgeable on these cars. I want to upgrade her and build her up but I'm struggling. I was wondering if I could get help on where to get the following:

    Performance suspension (front and rear)
    Short shifters/quick shifters(if possible)
    Engine upgrades (cold air intakes, turbo/super)
    And one of my biggest struggles. Seats (not sure the measurements I need)

    Also wanted to know if I can shorten the travel of my clutch pedal for quicker shift times
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    Performance suspension: Noting much here in the US, but rear parts from the UK are said to work. Ground control makes a coil over setup for the front.
    Short shifters: You will have to go DIY.
    cold air intakes & turbo/super: You will have to go DIY. 85/86 had a trubo option and the manifold will work.
    Crane will reground a stock cam, but you are on your own for valve-tarn parts. Don't do what I did and get the monster .472 cam as you will have a hard time getting the right springs and and will have to do head work to make it work. However crane does have a more mild cam regrind witch is still kinda of hot that could be used with stock heads.
    Harland sharp has roller rockers, pauter has chrome moly rods, ARP sells main studs, rod bolts and head studs for the 1.6l witch will fit a 1.9l just fine.
    SPEC has better clutches for the car.
    A XR4Ti ECU can be doped in for a more aggressive tune. You can also use the XR4Ti injectors and VAM to alow the car to be better boosted if you stick with EFI.
    Aside from that you will have to go DIY or put the car on a diet.

    EDIT: Some part numbers .
    Thermoplastic AKA delrim bushings.
    MOOG K8763 sway bar end links
    MOOG K8612 inter control arm to frame.
    I also found MOOG K8649, its listed as a rear tie bar or strut rod bushing. I haven gotten to the back yet so I don't know if that part is needed.

    Harland Sharp roller rockers: S40016
    Pauter chrome moly rods: FOR-206-469-1360F: FORD ESCORT CVH 1.9L Rods
    StopTech Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors: 127.61001L for left and 127.61001R for right
    Moog tie rod end with grease fitting: ES2153RL
    Moog forged steel control arms with ball joint grease fitting: CK8423 for left and MOOG CK8421 for the right
    ARP Cylinder Head Stud Kit: 151-4203
    ARP Main Stud Kit: 151-5403
    ARP Connecting Rod Bolt Kit: 151-6004
    SPEC Stage 1 Clutch Kit: SF691

    I'm working on finding a polly or delrim bushings and greasable mount for the front sway bar. If I recall any other part numbers I'll let you know.

    Also wanted to know if I can shorten the travel of my clutch pedal for quicker shift times.
    I think its been done before. I don't see the need for it I think 88ESCORTV6 would know more about that.

    These threads should help
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