Coming up for sale is a 1988 Ford Escort GT manual transmission car , it has approx 70,000 miles has been sitting in a garage for years , owner recently died and car needs to be removed . I have all the paperwork for this car including original title , all paperwork from the selling dealer including the original window sticker and invoice . Also included is boxes of parts new and used that the owner had bought over the years , i am looking to sell everything as a package deal . I will be posting pictures when i remove it from the garage . If anyone has an interest in this car you can reach me at [email protected] , please reply to the e mail as i am new to this group and am not too good at maneuvering through the site , i will return all communication , thank you .i have enclosed some pictures as many as would be allowed , i have more for anyone interested in the car , the car did start and run well the brakes are working car does need work , don't expect a perfect car, paint is bad I moved tha car to my house to clean it up it does run and drive i will try to post more pictures after it is clean so i am selling it as a running car , it will need a battery and i would recommend tires as they are cracking from sitting . The car is listed on facebook marketplace where there are more pictures posted