Automatic Transmission. More pictures to come! New gas tank, fuel pump, most brakes and all brake lines are Nickel Copper. The Odometer reads 25,000 some odd miles, the condition helps ensure it, no cracks on the dash, all interior is nice, one rusty area by rear wheel arch, solid otherwise. I bought it a few years back, it ran but spotty, ended up needing a distributor and a head gasket, then after I changed the fuel pump(they had a GT on in it that was putting out too much flow) I started it to drive it off the ramps and it started knocking, I found a valve embedded into the head, I have a new head for it too that I put on but I must have missed that the block is cracked because I could put air pressure down the radiator cap and almost get squirted in the face with coolant from the #1 spark plug hole! I think I am ready to part with it though the more I write the more I feel like I should fix it and drive it! But I have TOO MANY cars right now.