Hey there all Escort fans. I came across a 1984 Mercury Lynx last year in pretty good shape body and interior wise. Interior actually is almost mint. Body paint still shiny but there is a bit of rust at the front lower corners of the front doors only. Bit of rust on the frame and suspension parts, but not too bad for a Michigan car. Runs and drives good enough, but the suspension is shot and the brakes need attention. I can do some repairs myself, but just don't have the time for a full suspension tear down. I don't want to sell it, but my barn is full and its the odd car out at this point. If there is someone looking to restore one of these its a good candidate for a DIYer. Getting everything done at a shop would cost me close to $3000, as I have had a couple estimates for various repairs. I did accumulate some parts: rear shocks (from England $325 alone), front wheel hub assemblies, front strut parts, timing belt kit, valve cover gasket and a Haynes shop manual. Just curious if there's anyone out there really looking for one of these. I don't need to sell it and won't just give it away, but I also don't want it to rot in my backyard. Can post pictures if there is anyone serious. Thanks!