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There is a Red 1982 Ford Escort L with automatic transmission and Orange Pin Stripes in the Stockton, CA Pick and Pull. The low back red vinyl/cloth seat are in great shape except for the slightly torn driver's seat and torn headliner.
This Escort has a low mileage 1.6L H.O. engine (57741 mi). The engine was started in November 2017 with oil change (including Marvel Mystery Oil to lube piston ring at the spark plug hole) runs good after long term storage. The nylon bushing for the TV Linkage is broken and needs replacement. The carburetor, starter, solenoid, water pump, timing belt, timing belt tensioner, EGR valve, ps pump, ported vacuum switch and distributor are new parts that has already been replaced with low usage. The timing belt was replaced three times due to a bad water pump. The front end of this Escort was repaired with new right strut tower, right frame rail, and radiator support. The body shop miss up the repair job by not replacing the crack frame under the radiator. This Escort has front wheel alignment problems. The automatic transmission has not been modified with the Ford seat kit to correct the intermittent 2 to 3 delay shift problem. This was my old car and unfortunately it is at Pick and Pull. If anybody need this car or for parts, please contact Pick and Pull in Stockton, CA before this Escort gets crush! It is not too often that a 35 year old Ford Escort with extreme low mi shows up at a junk yard. The 1982 1/2 Ford Escort with automatic transmission were equipped from the factory with the 80HP Escort GT 1.6L H.O. engine. There are no head gasket problem with this engine and this engine has never been overheated. The cv boots were replaced once. The cv boots and the rack and pinion boots are currently torn.

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