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1.9 to 1.8

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How hard will it be to swap a 1.9auto to a 1.8stick?
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With the depressed used car market, it´d be a lot cheaper to just trade/sell the 1.9 and purchase a 1.8. They´re going for beans nowadays.
The swap isn´t an easy one. You´ll have to change the motor, all wiring, ECU, relays, tranny, half-shafts, engine mounts...etc.

Swap to a 2.0L it fits the same tranny (I think) and the mounts are the same.
yeah, im interested in the same kinda thing. how much you think something like that would cost? engine and then labor/installation.
i have the 1.8 engine and trans out of my dads escort wagon. so when i take the engine i need to take out all of the ECU and all of that neat stuff right? :-o
2.0 Escorts Dip! They are the best! (totaly unbiased) :-]
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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