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1.9 LEFI swaped for KL-ZE?

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"The KL-ZE motor is the J-spec version of the KL-03 2.5L V6, found in the 93-97 Probe GT. This swap requires a wide variety of parts not found on any stock Escort, LX or GT. So this swap would be good for all trim levels of Escort, but does require quite a bit of research and preparation prior starting. This motor boasts 200HP at the crank, and is Naturally Aspirated."

Would it be wise to swap my 1.9 LEFI for this kind of engine? If yes, where can I find one. If no, what would be a better way to go?
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Sorry, it´s a SEFI not LEFI, thats what lack of sleep does to a person.
< what´s this icon? It looks like a weapon from Star Trek.
Anyway, A friend of mine had the 2.5 put in his MX3. It was done at a Performance shop that specialises in Mazdas, and it is apparently a common swap. Seems a couple of companies make a kit to do it. Now, seeing that the Escort is the same under the skin as an MX3,......
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What was the cost of the engine and the swap?
i don´t know.
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