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1.8 vs 2.0

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I´m gonna rebuild an engine to put in my 93 LX, but I haven´t decided if I wanna put a GT 1.8L or the ZX2 2.0L engine in! I´m not sure but does any one know which engine has more potential?? They make alot of stuff for the 1.8, but from what I´ve seen the make plenty for the 2.0. ANY SUGGESTIONS??? I´m also considering throwing the Focus motor in if the mounts are close. ANY help on this situation would be appreciated!
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I too am looking to rebuild an engine for in my 95 LX...so I am pretty much in the same situation...
Both motors have lots of support. Being that you have an LX I´ve heard the 2.0 fits better with the engine mounts you have and stuff.
What about the 2.0 SOHC...I have found those really cheap...Does anyone know if those line up even better?
I´ve popped hoods on several 2.0s and ALL of them that I´ve seen have the same front end, mounts, frame, even where the stuff on the firewall is! I´ve just gotta look a GT. I´ll check tomarrow!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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