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1.6L problems

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Okay, since there are no Tracer forums in existence, maybe someone will be able to help.

I´ve recently gotten my ´87 Tracer (1.6L carb, auto, 300 000 kms) on the road (yay), but it seems to have a few rough spots. I know the starter ring gear is gone, but it´s also got other starting problems.

Sometimes it will start fine, but as soon as it is put into drive or reverse the idle drops and it stalls. It keeps doing this until it is warm. Other times, It will start (reluctantly), then proceed to stall, even when in park or neutral. After it warms up, it keeps on warming up, and about 20 mins into any trip I have to stop somewhere to let it cool down.

For the overheating problem, it has new coolant, a leaky heater core, and a radiator that resembles swiss cheese. It´s the stalling that I can´t figure out. The previous owner had the idle turned up to 2000rpm to avoid it. I´d like to fix it.

Any input is appreciated.
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For the cooling problem, go to the Ford DEALERSHIP and get an ENGINE COOLANT TEMPERATURE sensor. The only reason that I said go to the dealership is because I know that theirs works. I´ve melted 2 others. Fords is metal. If not, also check the fan relay switches, there might be more than one! As for the idle, I´d just go with basic stuff, fuel filter, plugs, super concentrated injector cleaner, etc. I didn´t have probs til I wrecked it. but everythings good now. Good luck with it!!!
What does the fan relay do? My fan comes on when it is supposed to, I think... I´ll check out that coolant temp sensor, but so far, the ford dealership hasn´t been able to get ANY parts I´ve needed. "No, that catalytic converter is discontinued and it would have been $4000can if we could have gotten one." "No, we can´t get a front pipe for your car. At all. Ever."

I think my car is a freak.

So the holey radiator and leaking heater core have nothing to do with the overheating? That would be good, as a new rad alone is $300can.
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All that tune up stuff has been done too, new plugs, fuel filter. It´s CARBUERATED (sp?) so it has no fuel injectors either. Just a carby motor.

I tried moving the car from the boulevard into the driveway today when the motor was cold, and it stalled FIVE times in the process! What a nice little car.
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I hate to be the one to say this but I would be looking for a blown head gasket.With all of the over heating and stalling it is very likely,and the car would still run just not well.Check for water in the oil and vice versa.also look around the exhaust and intake manifolds for drips.I would probably check the compression and timing next to see what kinda condition the head and piston rings are in,the if timing is way off that could cause a really hot motor too(some try to compensate by adjusting the idle or mixture though it is the wrong thing to do).Does the water pump and the thermostat work?And is it blowing smoke,steam or even coolant out of the exhaust?is the mixture too lean?There are so many factors involved with what could be wrong, look for more symptoms and you´ll usually find your problem is right in front of you.
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