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03 zx2 front lower ball joint pinch bolt size

Discussion in 'Part Numbers' started by Vasam, Sep 10, 2019.


The pinch bolt wasnt in the spindle knuckle the knuckle. I need the bolt size and thread. 3K185

  1. M12 x 1.5 x 1.75

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  2. spindle knuckle is 3K185.

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  1. Vasam

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    Examples of pinch bolt sizes I found on posts
    M12 x 1.5 x 1.75 M10x1.25x70 ace hdw M10x1.5x2.5" tapered ?
    The spindle knuckle is 3K185. I think?
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    south TX or northern VA
    If that pinch bolt is like the ones on my 2nd gen Escorts, it would be an M10, not an M12, and would be fairly fine thread- like a 1.25. The length would be something like 2" or 2'5", and its not tapered. The stud on the ball joint going into the knuckle has a narrowed 'waist' about halfway up. You need to have that pushed far enough up into the knuckle, so the narrowed part is lined up with the pinchbolt hole; or you wont be able to install the pinch bolt.
    I like to take a short screwdriver and hammer it into the slot of the knuckle, to slightly expand that slot. This makes it easier to get the old ball joint hammered downward, and a new one hammered in. I dont try to hammer it very hard, since I dont want to spread the bore where the ball joint pin goes.

    One thing we should all do when we replace a ball joint; is to make sure the stud of the ball joint, where it goes up into the spindle, is a snug fit. You dont want that stud to be able to rotate. The Service manual calls for replacing the knuckle if it is loose. One one of my Escorts the hole in the knuckle was worn, and the ball joint would rotate - though maybe not after I tightened down the pinch bolt.
    So I took a small strip from a 1/2 widch of a double edge razor blade, and put it into the slot, as I installed the ball joint 'pin. That seemed to make it snug, even before the pinch bolt was installed.
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