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  1. 2nd Gen 1991-1996 1.9L SOHC
    I needed a new PCV Breather Hose Elbow. Then I found out that this part has been discontinued. "Your order CF315081 has been cancelled. Part No.: F4CZ-6758-A TUBE ASY [Ford | Escort | 1995 | 4 Cyl 1.9L | 4-Speed Automatic Transmission 4EAT]" I replaced the elbow that had rotted through...
  2. 2nd Gen 1991-1996 1.9L SOHC
    Does anyone know what size vacuum hoses are on these engines? It's an lx wagon with an auto trans and a/c Id like to know all the sizes before I rip them off because there's a few that are likely to break Anything is helpful but I want to start with the EGR, EVAP, and crank vent hoses I found in...
1-2 of 2 Results