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  1. 3rd Gen 1997-2002 2.0L SOHC
    Hello everyone. Mods, if this is in the wrong place let me know and I'll fix it. About a week after I got married back in July, my husband was in a minor accident in my Escort. He rear ended somebody going under thirty miles an hour on the interstate (the person he hit was driving on the...
  2. Tech & Repair
    I read another users post regarding a simlar issue, but wanted to provide my own experience since I think I have a few different details that may differ to the situation. I was previously an '88 Volvo 240 DL owner and loved every second of it until my girlfriend totaled it, thankfully she's...
  3. 3rd Gen 1997-2002 2.0L SOHC
    hi everyone always look on the forum but just now became a member i used to have a ZX2 as a daily but i wrecked it :( but my uncle knew how much i loved it so found and got me a 2000 Escort sedan and i want to mod it like i did my ZX2 but i cant seem to find parts for the sedan and im curious do...
  4. Suspension
    I really want to put long travel suspension on my escort but the only after market suspension i can find is lowering springs. Dose anyone know of a long travel kit that fits on a 1987 escort gt. It would be a huge help, thanks.
  5. Exterior Modifications
    What's up forum I've been a long time follower but just became a member. The ZX2 has been my first car since I was 17. I've stuck with it for years as I love the reliability while I save for my dream car. This is a little video me and my buddies threw together fully transforming it for only...
1-5 of 5 Results