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  1. 1st Gen 1981-1990 CVH
    I am replacing the ECU in a 1990 Ford Escort. I think I spotted it above the fuse box. Is there a way to remove it without removing the dashboard? It seems like a lot of work to access it.
  2. 1st Gen 1981-1990 CVH
    I recently bought a 1990 Escort LX. When I took it for the test drive it ran good at first but after about 1 minute of driving it began to backfire and lose power. Acceleration response was sporadic. The seller said it had never done that before. I got a deal on the car because of this issue...
  3. 1st Gen 1981-1990 CVH
    I have a 1990 Escort LX that started to misfire. Now won't start at all. It fires and sputters while cranking but immediately dies when the starter isn't engaged. From what I've researched, I believe the ignition control module is faulty. Before I buy a new one I want to make sure it isn't a...
1-3 of 3 Results