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  1. 1st Gen 1981-1990 CVH
    I've been out of town for a couple months, joined the Army so its been a while. Car was running when I left, has been sitting for that time (4-5 months now) and went to go fire up the EGT as usual. Getting ridiculously hot, not wanting to Idle or when it does its extremely high (3000-4000RPM) to...
  2. 1st Gen 1981-1990 CVH
    1987 Ford Escort GL 1.9L 4cyl. Few weeks ago, car began overheating on freeway. Pulled over right away, opened the hood to let car cool down. I believe it overheated from low engine oil. Added oil, waited a while longer to let it cool down more. Forgot I had my hazards on. Car wouldn't start...
  3. 1st Gen 1981-1990 CVH
    I need help locating a pair of rear struts/shock absorbers for my 87 wagon gl. The car currently rubs the driver rear tire when hitting/going over bumps. I looked every where including eBay and local shops and nothing can be found. It seems that this part has been discontinued. Question to the...
1-3 of 3 Results