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Making some wiring harnesses

Making some wiring harnesses
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Making some wiring harnesses Best one of them all, 93 GTW 2000 with fully built engine and modified trans 91 323 hatch My buddies yellow S/R, think he still has it. 1st S/R Another black S/R Street runners Rod Millen grill with true Cobra Rims Center exhaust and Cobra Rims Another build X-wife's 2000 I added the S/R package to. First one... 93 GT that I picked up in October of 92. Current ride 93 auto turned 5 speed I built for a friend. Red 91 auto n the 92 purple and green cruiser. 92 auto I built, painted and sold.
Bane 14
Making some wiring harnesses
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  2. Jose l.Rodriguez
    Jose l.Rodriguez
    I help i have a 95 escort lx i put the swich on and the fan come on and my car wont start if the is runing ones is stop runing the car turns on.

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