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I sold it!!

Off to the junkyard.
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Bolts Dayco 87757 Lower Radiator hose Broken wires in hatch hinge area. refrigerant leak refrigerant leak Thermostat Thermostat Thermostat Thermostat Thermostat Cooling fan schematic Strut tower rust I sold it! I sold it!! I sold it!!
Off to the junkyard.
  1. 95Escort Project
    95Escort Project
    why would you sell that to a junkyard?
  2. zzyzzx
    Had too many problems, including a bad transmission, strut tower rust, leaking freeze plugs, and HVAC issues (and more).
  3. 95Escort Project
    95Escort Project
    thats to bad that body is impossable to find here if i was where you were i would have baught and stripped it (mainly because of rust) sorry for your loss hope you get a better one soon these cars are so much fun

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