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Was not a big fan of this car when I first saw it. The previous owner had tried to pimp it out by spraying cheap spray paint on the door panels, headliner , dash , etc, to where it was spayed thick with runs, The skull shifter and skull valve cover caps didn't amuse me much either, but it was a running drivable car for $ 500.00. After getting it home I found it had lots of other issues, and if it wasn't for the help of this site and Unexploded Cows vacuum diagram , I probably would had sold it for scrap metal . The previous owner had every vacuum hose connected to the wrong place. As time went on I realized there were quite a few things I didn't like about the cars design..Like the over head broken seat belts , that crazy console thing in the middle. The plastic piece around the shifter and OMG, where does a man put his drink ? I noticed my car didn't like siting in traffic too long either,for the gauge just kept climbing, so I found a remedy for that too which works in my case of being stopped in traffic for sometimes half an hour. I brought this car hoping to get good gas mileage, which it does, I normally get about 37 mpg. Now that I'm pretty much done doing my thing, I wouldn't sell it for 2 grand, I really like this car, it turned out better than I ever expected, its paid for and cheap to repair ... If I can help answer any questions I will do my best to share what I've learned ... ^5 Thanks for reading .