92 Escort 1.9L "Fuel Cutout" light on?!?!?!??!

Discussion in 'Tech & Repair' started by scottyhawaii, Jul 16, 2004.

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    Aloha dudes and duddettes,

    Today when I started my 92 Ford Escort 1.9L my "Fuel Cutout" light went on and the engine went roaring!??!?! Well, I drove for about a minute and the sound and light went away. I stopped at my place and when I started it after 30 minutes it did the same thing happened again. This time it stopped at about 30 seconds........

    What is wrong? sensors? please help the sound is so irrating....

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    Port Elgin, Ontario (where?)
    You've got a fuel cutout (inertia driven) switch in the passenger side your vehicle at the back. There should be an access panel. The intent is that this switch is triggered in the event of a very sudden change in speed (ie collision) to immediately cut out your fuel pump. No need to be pumping gas to an engine that isn't running and may have a ruptured fuel line.

    You have a faulty switch or bad connections that is causing your switch to fail unsafe. The wisest thing is to replace the switch and clean up the connections, for your own peace of mind. You'll likely have to pull off more trim than you want to to actually get the switch out.

    I've never seen or heard of these swtiches malfunctioning before. You should be able to find one at a junker that works, since I don't think they have any history of failing.

    Good luck.

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