2002 zx2 Vacuum lines

Discussion in 'Tech & Repair' started by al4chelle, Feb 6, 2011.

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    I am so frustrated. :mad: I got this car a year and a half ago and it has been a night mare. I decided to start doing repairs myself. which I have but it now has to go through emissions and check engine light is on. So I had asked someone for help and what they did was take the vacuum lines all off and put them on wrong. My car has a diagram but I do not know what the parts are and I need help figuring out where these go. I used my boyfriends computer and ( yes hes a mechanic dont ask) got codes before lines were relocated. It was a faulty o2 sensor bank one upstream. I have now replaced it. I have had to replace the coil whatever, the spark plug wires snap into, the tensioner pulley, and replace the serpentene belt which keeps falling off. Then someone told me that my cat was plugged and needed new one but the lines at the time were all messed up. I got the haynes manual and just cant get it from there.

    So my questions are( remember I am a girl)

    Is there a place or does anyone have a picture of the hoses and where they go? Picture of the parts.

    also should I replace the cat and since I dont weld, a direct fir would be the only way to go.

    Could my serpentene belt be falling off cuz of the idle pulley? I cant tell if it is moving how do I replace that?

    and where can I get a service manual for free on line.

    To be honest I dont know how guys know all this stuff. :notworthy: Ive certainley learned alot
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    I would go with a direct fit catalytic converter to avoid the weldnig, since that way you can replace it yourself. However, I am unsure why you think it's clogged. Are you sure it's clogged since everything else that's wrong might be throwing you off here.

    I use the factor service manual, they are chep enough used off of eBay. It will have a vacuum diagram, but there is a crappy small one under the hood (often in the underside of the hood itself).

    If your boyfriend is a mechanic why isn't he doing this?

    Yes, the serpentine belt could be falling off because of a bad tensioner pulley (it's the most likely cause).

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